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Janice Meredith

Mother of 4. Fashion Lover. Shoe Addict. Cityline Fashion & Lifestyle Expert. 

Budget Buys for Kids

Shopping for the kids can be tons of fun, but often very expensive. If you know where to look you can get some great deals and outfit your children with less than $25, stylist, Janice Meredith shows us how!

Tip #1: Visit many locations of the same store

One particular store may have multiple locations, but they don’t always have the same items or sizes in stock.

Tip #2: Shop sales while you can

You can get some great deals on cute pieces, especially on sale. Since toddlers and little ones don't express their style challenges you don’t have to worry about whether they like what you put them in. Shopping sales becomes much harder as children age; they don’t like what you pick and larger sizes are more expensive, plus they’re more taxes.

Tip #3: Shop the same colour palette

Creating an outfit out of entire sale items is more challenging than simply sale shopping. Janice suggests shopping in the same colour palette so you know that all the pieces will mix and match easily.

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Savvy Shopping