Janice Meredith


Janice Meredith

Mother of 4. Fashion Lover. Shoe Addict. Cityline Fashion & Lifestyle Expert. 

Fashion 911

Fashion 911

Stylist, Janice Meredith’s day revolves around clothing so it only makes sense that she’s accumulated some amazing tricks for fixing style snags.

Button fell off: Fix it with a paperclip!

Unfold the paperclip and thread it through the button and secure it with a twist. Then push the other end of the paperclip through the hole where the button was sewn to the shirt and fold the paperclip against the inside of your clothing. Your button should be secure enough to make it through the day so you can properly re-sew it at home.

Dirty suede: Fix it with an eraser, nail file or a crust of bread!

Gently rub the dirt, scuff or stains with the eraser to remove, then re-fluff the suede with the file. In a pinch you can even use a piece of stale bread.

Too stiff shoes: Fix it with - socks and a blowdryer

Stretch out a snug pair of shoes by first slipping on a pair of slightly damp socks. Put on the shoes and then blast your feet with a hot hairdryer while flexing and stretching your feet.

Smelly clothing: Fix it with - vodka!

To get the smell out of clothing that cannot be washed fill a spray bottle with inexpensive vodka and spray on. For best smell reduction, spray liberally on clothing and let dry in sun (repeat as needed). This method kills the spores causing the smell without leaving behind any scent. You can also use this method with vinegar instead of vodka.

Slippery Soles: Fix it with - a knife or Sole Stopperz

Give new heels some grip by scoring the bottom of the shoe with a knife in a criss-cross pattern. Or walk confidently with Sole Stopperz which acts like stick-on sand paper for instant grip!

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