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Insider tips for shopping the winter sales

Stylist Janice Meredith shows us what to look for on sale right now that will still be in style next year.


  • Perfect time to invest in a holiday dress to add to your collection. Sequins is iffy as easily damaged in the store but lace will always be around. Classic cuts give you confidence your money won’t be wasted. Depending on the style, it can be used through out the entire year. 
  • Accessories are inexpensive ways to dress up an outfit. A sale clutch is a great addition to your inventory.
  • A wrap will always be in style and a nice to have in your closet. Once you get comfortable with all the ways you can wear it, you will be so happy to picked one up on sale!
  • Dressy pumps can easily be worn with jeans in the summer so add to your closet by picking a style you don’t have.


  • Classic cut jackets are always a must in your closet. AND if it’s on sale, it allows you the extra budget to go get it tailored to fit you perfectly. Make sure the more expensive items are hugely discounted are classics:
    • The faux fur collar adds luxe detail to the outfit.
    • A classic cardigan is another must in your closet. Go for a mix blend or splurge on a deeply discounted cashmere one. Timeless for sure.
  • Sale time is my time to stock up my closet with unique shoes which always pull together a few pieces into an outfit.
  • This skirt is a trend skirt but so discounted it’s a fun addition without a huge commitment.  Pieces that are outside your comfort zone are great to pick up during sale time but make sure its discounted enough for your own pocket book.


  • These pinto leggings from Mendocino – the absolute best leggings ever! Thick, great waist band and the perfect example of something that is on sale to stock up on getting more.
  • Slouchy sweaters – any sweaters – we live in Canada and will always need sweaters. Pick out those more unique ones now that they are on sale.
  • The faux fur and knit vest. Amazing deal and trim and classic enough to have tons of wearable options.
  • Winter coats – now is the time to pick up that extra one whether it be your extra warm one or the in between one or simply a differently coloured coat. These larger pieces need to be sold to clear up space. Just make sure to go with different to make it worthy!
  • These great rubber moto boots are always in use and at any season. At $40, the leveraged cost is awesome.

Look 1

Faux fur knit vest, Banana Republic, $98.99
Knit sweater, Mendocino, $47.50
Leggings, Mendocino, $55
Lined winter coat, Winners, $144
Leather biker boots, Joe Fresh, $19.94

Look 2

Sweater, Joe Fresh, $9.94
Jacket, Topshop, $52.50
Faux-fur collar, Joe Fresh, $9.94
Skirt, Marshalls, $23
Fur trimmed leather gloves, Ever New, $29.95
Animal print pumps, Winners, $74

Look 3

Dress, Hudson’s Bay, $109.50
Strappy heels, Ever New, $59.95
Cape, Zara, $59.99
Quilted bag, Ever New, $24.95

Tips to always follow

  • Make sure you can wear it often.
  • Make sure it will work in your existing closet.
  • Try to cover things that are on your “nice to have” portion of your list.
  • If you aren’t sure and can’t return it, put it on hold for one hour and then you take away the rushed purchase pressure. 

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