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Jeans you can wear to work and beyond

In today’s workplace environment, it’s becoming more of a blur between when work ends and socializing begins, if not happening simultaneously. The challenge lies with dressing jeans up enough to make them suitable for the office. Some HR departments are writing in explicit denim clauses in their handbook in more traditional workplaces. The go-to outfit for jeans works well for cocktails and socializing but there is some uncertainty about what is appropriate for the 9-5. Casual doesn’t equate to slovenly.

The key is tailoring – treat your jeans like your trousers and make sure they fit. You can get the gap in the back gap taken in or pick jeans with a stretch to them. No yanking or fussing with your jeans in the office.  Work jeans should be sleek with no distressing. Lighter washes are more casual. Just like in Monday to Thursday dressing, use accessories to add personality and interest to your outfit.

The Looks


Verdugo ultra-skinny jeans, Paige, $265
Dressy sleeveless top, Marshalls, $99.99
Jacket, Winners, $249.99
Textured pumps, Winners, $59.99
Black handbag, H&M, $39.99


Black Skyline ankle peg jeans, Paige, $225
Black blouse, H&M, $34.99
Necklace, H&M, $19.99
Vest, Winners, $34.99
Oxfords, Winners, $149.99
Handbag, H&M, $119


White Skyline ankle peg jeans, Paige, $225
Silk printed blouse, Zara, $49.90
Structured jacket, H&M, $39.99
Belt, H&M, $6.99
Woven pumps, Marshalls $99.99
Slouchy bag, Winners, $179.99

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