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Stay Dry in Rainy Day Fashions

Rain can be an aspiring fashion lover's worst nightmare. Stylist, Janice Meredith shows us how to wear rainy day figure flattering fashions that match your personality!

Don’t let rainy weather dampen your style spirit. Keep in mind that you should be looking for waterproof or water repellent pieces that are quick drying and that you’ll want to wear.

Tip #1: Cheap and cheerful handbags

Don’t let the rain destroy your favourite handbag so pick a cheap and cheerful PVC handbag just for rainy days. Make sure the top closes tightly to protect your belongings.

Tip #2: Cheer yourself up with lively colours

When the weather is gray and cloudy, your spirits naturally sink. Adding bright, cheerful colours to your wardrobe is a good way to keep your spirits high.

Tip #3: Get a good pair of rain boots

If you want to wear a coloured rain boot, opt for bold, solid colors over patterns. Alternatively, a rubber riding boot or a leather boot with a waterproof coating can give your look a sophisticated edge. Pick a length of boot that works proportionally with your height.

Tip #4: Treat your umbrella like an accessory

Look for a bright colour or pattern to liven up the dreariness of the weather. Have fun with it, and choose an umbrella that suits your personality. Why not pick out one with a print on the inside!

The Looks!

Sporty rainy day look

The jacket has a great punch of colour while providing coverage for your gym wear. The boots are a must and are packable, too! They easily roll into a small bundle for storage in your gym bag. With this bag you get two-for-one – it converts into a knapsack.

Classic rainy day look

This is a classic look with a twist. The trench coat has a hint of a ruffle around the bottom which works nicely with its trim cut. Another classics touch is the plaid umbrella lining making it a statement accessory. The boots are a great mid cut with a clean look and a touch tan to unify the look. The animal print hat is a lovely compliment to the tan and plaid.

Girlie rainy day look

This jacket feels like cotton but is Primaloft, which is completely water resistant, fast drying and lined for warmth, plus it’s reversible! The sweet liberty print on one side and modern colour blocking on the other offers multiple styling options. The boots are yet another unexpected, yet fun liberty print.

Trendy rainy day look

This is a splurge for the girl who wants to show off her outfit as well as her raincoat. The jacket is translucent and a sassy cut. Her handbag is PVC so it’s perfect for the wet weather and folds over to shield your things. The boots are glossy and have a gold buckle for a little added oomph. Make a statement with this fun umbrella option.

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