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Winter Wear for the Whole Family

Defend yourself against the last of winter’s cold assaults with stylist Janice Meredith’s winter outerwear guide for your entire brood.

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Layer a coloured jacket over top of a great vest for stylish warmth. The focal point of this look is the fitted, lined active pant which is a great alternative to traditional clunky ski pants. This outfit allows guys to move around and look good while skating, skiing or spending time outside with the family. All the items can be worn separately, too.


A vest and sweater have that casual après-ski feel. The focus here is this snow skirt which looks great over leggings when you want to run out in your PJs. It would be perfect for covering workout attire after the gym for comfort and warmth, plus it comes in different lengths.


If it’s -5 or colder every dog should be wearing a coat and booties in areas that have been salted.

Babies and Toddlers

It’s important to keep babies or young toddlers warm so find things that somehow stay on well. Look for hats with clips and ear flaps. Slip-on boots and mittens that go up to elbow so they stay on. Wearing light layers underneath a snowsuit allows air to circulate while a long zipper makes it easy to take on or off. Opt for a nylon exterior to repel water.


A good thin, yet warm, coat allow mom to move around with baby. If possible, avoid bulk when you have to carry your child around and chose a neck warmer instead of scarf.


Cold weather wear for tweens is often a compromise with their parents because they won’t want to wear what you want them in. Get creative with a layered and stylish top like a cute jacket, tech gloves, lined fleece tights and leg warmers.

School-age Boys

These guys should be dressed appropriately to be active in durable and tough pieces that will last. Make it cool to dress warm in lined layers and warm accessories.

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