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Janice Meredith

Mother of 4. Fashion Lover. Shoe Addict. Cityline Fashion & Lifestyle Expert. 

Stylist Tricks of the Trade

Every fashion stylist has a bag of tricks up their sleeve to take care of fashion dilemmas. Stylist, Janice Meredith reveals her style secrets that will make your life easier.

Tip #1: Make a stylist emergency kit

Every women needs to put together a small kit that they can easily carry in their purse. Fill your kit with essential items such as elastics, safety pins, baby wipes and anything else you need to make it through the day.

Tip #2: Change-up your look with accessories

Belts and scarves can easily alter and update basic pieces into seasonal styles.   

Transform a trendy maxi dress into a bike-friendly bottom with a coin and a small rubber band.


  1. About knee-length down hold your coin behind your skirt.
  2. Grasp the coin through the front fabric of your skirt and wrap the rubber band securely around it.
  3. Now you’ve got a pair of loose mock shorts that will prevent you from exposing yourself while cycling around town!

Did you lose a button? Fix a gaping blouse in a snap with a dab of eyelash adhesive.


  1. Simply apply a dot of glue to the area with the missing button and secure it to the underside of the blouse. Stay in-line with the buttons and no one will notice that one is missing!

If your jeans are just a little too snug take use an elastic band or thin hair tie to expand the waistband.


  1. Put on your jeans and thread the elastic band halfway through the buttonhole.
  2. Take one end of the loop and thread it through the other end of the loop and pull tight. You should now have a secured loop extending from the original buttonhole.
  3. Just hook the elastic around your button and you’re done!
  4. Sarah

To prevent long shirt from riding up use double-sided tape.


  1. Apply the tape to the underside of your shirt, just above the bottom hem. Then remove the backing and securely stick it to your pants.

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