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Janice Meredith

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Savvy Shopping

Savvy Shopping

Walking into any thrift shop can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned secondhand shopper. Going with right mindset and armed with a few tips, you'll find scores of fashionable treasures! Stylist, Janice Meredith breaks down what it takes to score big style for small change.

Value Village is a wonderful place to source your pre-loved garments. They service a wide mix of shoppers, but the fashion mavens love to go for the thrill of the hunt. Since its clean and organized its much easier to find those great pieces that add to your personal style and create a unique look.

Tip #1: Mix High and Low

Since a thrift store is a donated goods you’ll find tons of high and low pieces, plus everything in between. You can also mix thrifted goodies with new items from your favourite retail store.

Tip #2: Buy items to break out of comfort zone

Thousands of quality items get put out every day so the selection is always fresh. Why not try out new looks and slowly break outside of your comfort zone with items at just a fraction of the retail price. Add hits of bold colour or a print, even a unique cut.

Value Village features not only vintage wear, but name brands and designer labels, as well as house wares, books, toys, jewelry and more!

Tip #3: Be an eco conscious consumers

Everyone makes the occasion poorly thought out purchase or has items that no longer fit - donate these items! We need to remind ourselves that many others are donating for the exact same reason and recycling clothing is good for the economy, and your wallet.

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