Janice Meredith, on Cityline with Tracy Moore

About Janice Meredith

Having flourished in the pages of women’s fashion as an editor for 7 years, Janice loves to access the best designer runway trends for the real world. On top of possessing a natural talent for shopping and a passion for fashion, Janice is also blessed with a keen eye for finding that “just right” item. Another true skill is knowing how to pair items with the rest of your closet to create a well rounded but minimal wardrobe. 

Janice’s position on fashion is how one can create confidence through personal style. Her wardrobe styling and shopping service helps to educate clients on how to discover a particular look that speaks to your most fashionable self.

In addition to covering many aspects of fashion, Janice has also written about beauty, décor, travel and all things fabulous before moving on to include television. Currently, Janice is an on-air expert for Cityline as well as being a go-to expert for various news outlets on top of a freelance stylist.

Janice Meredith, Stylist on Cityline